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Experience a true Jamaican Community...Little Bay.
Little Bay is a small fishing village located 2 hours from Montego Bay or
a mere 20 minutes from the hotspot of Negril.

Relax...No Worries!
Little Bay's uniqueness centers around the authentic Jamaican lifestyle...
friendly locals, beautiful oceanside village, authentic Jamaican cooking,
local artisans selling handcrafted items.
Safe and stress free experience away from the
hustle and bustle of touristic Jamaica.

There are many things to do while in Little Bay:

Beautiful Snorkeling in Little BaySpear Fishing & Sea Fishing
White Sand BeachVisit Friendly Locals
Local Restaurants & BarsLocal Artisans & Craft Shops
Bat CaveBathing Hole
• much more!

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Beautiful Snorkeling in Little Bay
Take a guided snorkeling tour with Romie, Tyrone or Richie.
See the wonders of the Caribbean on Little Bay's Reef.
The ocean and beachfront of Little Bay is located about 30 feet from
Romie's Restaurant and the reef is about 100 yards further out.
The snorkeling here is fabulous! Great snorkeling also at Uncle Sam's.

Snorkeling in Little Bay

Fan Coral

Brain Coral


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Spear Fishing & Sea Fishing
For the more adventurous, spear fishing can be arranged.
Go on a Sea Puss hunt! We hear they are very delicious!
Your catch can be prepared in Romie's Restaurant.

Spear Fishing with Romie

Sea Fishing with local fisherman can also be arranged.

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White Sand Beach
The Little Bay beach is an inviting and relaxing white sand beach.
Relax and sun bathe or get the locals together for a lively game of volleyball.

Little Bay Beach

Volleyball Net on Beach

Hanging out on the Beach

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Visit Friendly Locals
As beautiful as the Little Bay area is, its real beauty lies in the people who live there.
They are some of the friendliest and happiest people you will ever meet.
Little Bay is truly a unique place and a wonderful place to visit.

"Pah" Devon, Electrician

Tyrone (with visiting guest Bailey)

"Pepsi" George Green, local fisherman

Clifton Graves, local fisherman

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Local Restaurants & Bars
In addition to Romie's Restaurant there are other local places to eat,
such as Uncle Sam's, Gilbert on the Rock, Humble Boy and more.

Stop at Uncle Sam's Restaurant
for Conch or Dapper soup and a sunset.

Approximately 1/4 mile walk or bike ride through the community.
Eat famous conch soup, jerk written in High Times
and other international magazines. The snorkeling here is also great.

Uncle Sam in his Kitchen

Uncle Sam's Restaurant

Uncle Sam's Bar

Beautiful Sunets at Uncle Sam's

Great snorkeling area at Uncle Sam's

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Local Artisans & Small Craft Shops
Hand woven baskets, hand carved crafts &more.
Check out Little Bay's local artisans and craft shops.
All shops are within walking or biking distance of Romie's Ocean View.

Peter Perfect • LaVita's • Toby's Baskets • More!

LaVita's Craft Shop

Peter Perfect's Hand Carved Crafts

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Bat Cave
If you are fortunate enough to have your stay occur during a full moon,
you can experience the traditional full moon bat cave party.
Light up the Bat Cave with hundreds of candles, play reggae music
and party down. Anywhere from 50-100 people show up from Negril and elsewhere.

Bat Cave entrance

Bat Cave, looking in

Bat Cave. looking out

Bat Cave, looking out

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Bathing Hole
For a refreshing dip, stop by the local bathing hole.

Bathing Hole

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